Jewelry Services

TIVOL employs master bench jewelers who are at the top

of their craft and have decades of experience. Their vast product knowledge and technical skills are excellent resources to help you care for and maintain your jewelry throughout its lifetime.

Our bench jewelers offer the following services

Battery Replacement - is your quartz movement timepiece not keeping accurate time, or has it died altogether? We will quickly replace the battery while you enjoy a beverage on our showroom floor.

Product Cleaning - make your diamonds and gemstones sparkle again with our jewelry cleaning services. Wearing your favorite pieces will often cause a build up of body oils, smudges and grime from the environment. Our team will quickly and efficiently examine your jewelry for any loose gemstones or other potential problems before carefully cleaning the piece with the appropriate methods. (Not all jewelry is alike. Different gemstones, metals and materials need to be handled in different ways.)

Custom Work - many customers prefer to custom design their jewelry, therefore truly creating one-of-a-kind pieces. TIVOL is happy to help bring your vision to life. 

Personalizing Jewelry - fine jewelry and timepieces can become even more special by adding a meaningful message, name, date, and/or symbol on them. TIVOL offers the highest quality, on-site engraving.

Broken merchandise - each year, the jewelers at TIVOL breathe new life into dozens of damaged bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings. While not all repairs can be handled by TIVOL depending on the severity of the damage or the designer label, we can usually repair the majority of damaged jewelry right here in our store. If we can't, we will make arrangements to send the piece to the appropriate service center with your permission.

Pearl Restringing - pearls should be restrung every two or three years -- or more often, depending on how repetitively they are worn. TIVOL can re-string and repair pearls to their original luster in order to secure the life of your investment.