Happy Father’s Day from TIVOL

“‘Father’ is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role. It signifies a patriarch, a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend.” –Robert L. Backman

Step into any special occasion section and you will find hundreds of cards designed to help you express your love and affection for the special men in your life. There’s so much to say about the love that the father figures in our lives offer to each of us, and so we asked our TIVOL watchmakers to share their timeless memories from childhood. Take a look:


Eric, who grew up just south of Columbia, remembers getting up at the break of dawn with his dad to go and set trotlines by the river before school. Some of his favorite memories with his dad involve the simple steam coming up off the river when our little corner of the world was just beginning to rise.


Ryan’s love for cars stems from his early childhood memories of his father’s affinity for vintage British vehicles.
Shawn vividly remembers the time he went with his Dad to Florida for his Mitzvah to catch spring training for the Cardinals. The time they spent together, just the two of them, left a lasting impression that carried him into adulthood.


Roger’s father was involved in an accident during his early childhood that left him paralyzed. When so many other people would have given up, his dad did not. He taught his children the significance of showing up, overcoming adversity, and staying the course for those we love.


Sham and Brian have children of their own, so we asked them to share what they love most about being a dad:

“The sense of love, comradery, and comfort of having your people in close proximity to you to come together and connect.” -Brian
“I love working with my boys more than anything, inspiring them, being challenged by them, and challenging them.” -Sham


In Loving Memory

“If there is any immortality to be had among us as human beings, it is certainly only in the love that we leave behind. Father’s like mine don’t ever die.” -Leo Buscaglia

Our fathers are so much more than just the men in our lives.


They are our coaches, our friends, the steadfast rocks who help us navigate through the toughest moments of our lives.


Perhaps one of the greatest examples of what it means to be an incredible father is from our very own Harold Tivol. Lovingly known around the office as “Papa”, Harold was not only an amazing leader but also a fantastic family man. In listening to those who speak of him, who share their memories and the lessons that he taught, it is obvious that his impact remains significant to this day. He set the tone for how we do business here at TIVOL, in every interaction we have.

In dedication to the man whose legacy inspires the lives and work of each of us who call TIVOL home…Your kindness, witty charm, integrity, and love for others echo through the halls of every space you touched.


We’re grateful to you for your steadfast leadership that charted the path for each generation to follow. For those lucky enough to know you, to call you papa, and to be your friend, you exemplified every bit of why we celebrate today.


Happy Father’s Day.